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CAS has an optional module which is a powerful funeral bookings diary as an aid to scheduling future events. To provide a more efficient service to customers outside of normal working hours, the CAS Interactive Voice System enables diary bookings to be made directly at any time by using customised voice prompts and accepting touch-tone sequences representing dates and times from a standard or mobile telephone.  By using this innovative approach, the potential security risk of the simpler alternative of a computer modem link is eliminated and Funeral Directors do not require the use of office based specialist equipment.

CAS IVS enables the computer system to react to an incoming telephone call using customised voice prompts.  Authorised Funeral Directors are allocated an identity number which, when validated, allows a diary booking to be entered using touch-tone number sequences on the telephone handset.  Diary events are checked and if the required time is not available, the nearest earlier, later and other free times on the particular day are offered.  Once a booking has been made, voice confirmation is given of the date and time.  The system can also act as a voice messaging service by storing messages and then giving the option to review the recording and/or re-record the message.

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